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Piggly Wiggly Food For Less Moultrie Georgia
Weekly Ad from 5-20-20
Store hours Monday through Sunday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
We reserve the right to correct typographical or pictorial
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Quantity rights reserved. None sold to dealers.
Everyday low prices. The souths finest quality meats.
Your home for a lower food bill. No card needed to save.
We accept al major credit card and EBT.
All items subject to quantity availability. 
No rainchecks please.
No Specials, no card needed, no rollbacks needed.
We sell at our cost plus ten percent at the checkout!
Our Cost includes freight fees and warehouse expenses.

Products of Pepsi 12 pack 12 ounce cans $2.50
Products of Pepsi 6 pack. Half Liter bottles $2.43
Aquafina Water 24 pack. Half Liter Bottles $4.00
All Flavors Golden Flake Potato Chips 91 cents
Products of Coke 12 pack 12 ounce cans $3.33
Florida Seedless Watermelon $3.33 each
California Cherries $3.98 per pound
Chilton Company Alabama Peaches $1.00 per pound
Yellow or Bi-Color Sweet corn 30 cents per ear.
Super Washed shredded Collard Greens Value Size 2 pound bag $3.61
Washington State Gala or Fuji Apples 3 pound bag $2.50
Fresh Red Globe grapes $1.71 per pound.
Fancy Zucchini Squash $1.00 per pound
Fresh Baby Peeled Carrots 1 pound bag $1.00
Sheboygan Sausage or Brats 16 ounce $2.50
Fresh Fryer Leg Quarters 10 pound package. 39 cents per pound.
Premium Pork Baby Back Ribs $2.62 per pound.
Flanders Beef Patties 4 pound $5.96
100% pure angus beef. One third pound Patty. Thick and Juicy. 2 pound $6.44. While supplies last.
IQF Pork Tenderloins $1.81 per pound.

Ready to cook Jimmy Dean Sausage Links. 12 pound box. $12.80

Fresh Fryer Thigh Quarters value pack 48 cents per pound
Fresh Fryer Mis-cut Fryer Breast Value Pack 89 cents per pound
Fresh Fryer Drumsticks. Value Pack 69 cents per pound.
IQF Cut Party Wings. 10 pound bag. $15.94. While supplies last.
Natures Best Salmon fillets 2 pounds $8.97
Deep water Wild Caught Headless Red Shrimp 21 to 25 count 2 pounds $10.17

Assorted Classic Blue Bunny Ice Cream 48 ounce $2.50
International Delight Coffee Creamer 32 ounce $2.37
Water or Oil Chicken of the Sea Tuna 5 ounce 76 cents
Heinz Ketchup 38 ounce $2.38
Nabisco Chicken n Biscuits, Sociables, or Original Triscuits 7.5 to 8 ounce $2.14
Candy Pop Butterfinger popcorn value size 20 ounce $3.33
Smart Balance margarine 32 ounce $2.75
Grade A crinkle cut fries 5 pound $3.42
Royal Oak Charcoal twin pack 2-12.9 ounce $7.72
Golden Oreo cookies package $1.25
Stove top stuffing box 75 cents
Chef Woo Ramen Noodles 24 cents each.
Mondo drinks 6 pack 83 cents
Dixie Lily Yellow Rice 5 ounce 49 cents

Kretchmar Oven Roasted Turkey $5.57 per pound
Kretchmar Pepper Jack Cheese $4.55 per pound
Try our hot food bar. BBQ Ribs, Chicken and Pulle Pork $3.90 per pound.
Double Layer Coconut cake 8 inch $11.86
Single Layer Celebration Cake 8 inch $6.99
6 count Cornish Hens Cooked here in our deli. $6.96
12 count predecorated Kimberlys Cupcakes $5.93
Watermelon or Cotten Candy 2 bite mini cupcakes 12 count $3.20

Dear Valued Customers,
As the country is experiencing the mass panic caused by coronavirus and multiplied by the news media hype please be assured we are doing everything in our power to keep our stores clean, disinfected and as full of product as possible.
We will not be printing our weekly Power Buys until the supply chain settles or levels out. Food for Less prides ourselves in bringing you low prices through innovation of our cost plus concept. We will continue working hard to bring you the lowest prices possible; but advertising certain items will not be possible due to availability.
We will however continue to have thousands of Power Buys storewide daily. We will also maintain our regular business hours to better serve you! Thank You for your business!